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Have you ever lost your pet or had a break-in because of a window? Or your home air conditioner is always on? Are you afraid of burglary? Today we have good news for you. momin™ can solve all these problems for you. It will automatically alert you when someone opens the door or window,
so that you know what really happened.
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momin™ WIFI Door Sensor

Nobody is perfect.Sometimes,
you have to leave the door or windows open!
However, you don't have to worry about that,
because what if they are invaded by someone
else? This momin™ door and window sensor will
make your door/window smarter because it can
send push notifications to tell you when they are
being opened or invaded by someone else. You
will find anomalies in your home immediately.
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✔Remote Monitoring: The door sensor can remotely monitor the opening or closing status of doors and windows in real time by connecting with Tuya APP. It is a door lock that guarantees kids safety and home security.
✔Wireless Installation: The door window alarm comes with strong adhesive tape, which is easy to install. The installation distance between the magnet of the alarm system and the host should not exceed 8mm. Please read the manual carefully before use
✔Burglar Alarm Performance: Wi-Fi protocol can be added to Tuya's smart security system. The standby current is less than 10μA, the battery life is long, and the power level is displayed in the app in real time. High sensitivity, short response time and simple installation.
✔Smart Configuration Mode: After the alarm sensors is powered on, the LED flashes for 3 times (initialization).Then open the Tuya app, successively click button in the upper right corner of the home page → Sensors → Contact Sensor (Wi-Fi) →enter Wi-Fi password ,and then confirm indicator rapidly blink,click Confirm, then wait for the networking to succeed.
Size: Mainframe:7cm*2.5cm, Magnet:3.5cm*1cm, 1pack.If you have any questions about the use of the door alarm, you can contact us at any time.



-- App/Platform: Tuya / Smartlife APP

-- OS Support: IOS8.0 / Android4.0 and above

-- Wi-Fi Band: 2.4GHz / 2.4GHz & 5GHz mixed

-- Battery: AAA*2 Battery (no Included)

-- Wireless distance: Max 50 meters(Empty area)

-- Detecting distance: ≤15mm

-- Operating Temperature: -10℃~+40℃

-- Operating Humidity: Maximum 95%RH

-- Size: (Main body): 70mm x 25mm x20 mm

-- (Small body): 35mm x 10mm x 17 mm

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What Our Customers Think!
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Jacintha McKinsey
I really like this style of security sensor because I use these to make sure my teens aren’t sneaking out. And they work!
09 Dec, 2021
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Nicole Smith
 Just what I was looking for. A simple alert that lets me know when my door is / was opened. It was easy to set up via the app and it keeps a record of the times and dates the door was opened. Is alerts me via my cell phone and works when I'm not home as well.
09 Jan, 2022
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Jane Wood
Very easy to install. Works with ALEXA! We got this because we have a toddler and a pre teen and need to know when the doors/windows are opened at any given time
15 Jan, 2022
Image Content
I was able to successfully connect the sensor device to the Smart Life app. It took several tries, yet it was successful.
20 Dec, 2021
momin™ Door and Window sensors help control your home environment
momin™ smart door & window sensor is a new home security sensor that notifies you when any of your doors or windows are opened. Home security shouldn't have to be complicated, so we made  momin™ super easy to setup. Just stick one to your door/window and you're all set! 

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