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What does your cat really need?
Cat play is vital when it comes to keeping your kitty happy and healthy, not only physically but mentally too.
It's also a great way to relieve boredom, tap into those natural predatory instincts and help you to bond even more deeply with your feline friend.
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✔ CraftyBall™ are one of your cat's favorite toys because they provide lots of physical activity, games and fun.
✔ When the balls move and roll on the floor, get your cat's attention, run to catch the ball, it will be a challenge for him, it helps him release energy to avoid stress.
✔ Ball toys allow your cat to have her own objects and not use those from home or by stress go to scratch the couch. so your cat will have fun hunting and exercising, and thus have a healthy life.
✔ The CraftyBall™ is an interactive toy, it has a light that excites your cat, when you move it the light is activated as a flash.
✔ The CraftyBall™ is safe fun for your cat, it keeps her active to search, chase and catch, it also has textures that she can bite and helps her to clean her teeth.
✔ The CraftyBall™ designed with resistant materials, its movements are revolving, a great game for your cat. Exercise is essential for your furry friend's health, balls are a great gift to encourage him to play and run, avoiding obesity and helping his heart to be healthy.
✔ Toys are part of every cat's health, if your home is a condominium and your kitten doesn't have a garden, ball cat toys are even more important.
✔ Main features of Play Balls: Play interactive. Designed with textures. Resistant and durable. Safe and fun to play with.
✔ Made of non-toxic materials. Stimulate your kitten's hunting instinct. You can spend hours of fun with your cat.


1. 43mm in "claw control"
Different from the traditional rolling ball size on the market
More suitable for cats
The 'sense of control' of primitive hunting
2. Bionic Motion Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
Tap to wake up in the smart mode
Simulate prey escape trajectory scrolling
Intelligently choose a route to avoid after hitting an obstacle


Designed for cats, kittens, and puppies, not suitable for adult dogs. And the ball is not waterproof and it may be damaged by dogs who are aggressive chewers. In addition, it is suitable for hard floors, not great on carpets.

Product Information:

Material: Silicon+ABS
Product Category: Throwing toys
Article no. : Rolling ball
Size: 43 mm
Battery capacity: 80mAh
Weight: 40g

Packing List:


Type-C cable*1


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The best cat toy has been designed to create a fun and engaging playtime experience for your cat. With its auto folling feature, the ball will switch direction when it hits an obstacle, so chasing and catching it can keep your little buddy entertained for hours on end.

This Is How It Is Used

Keep yours cats entertained with this toy.
It's as simple as that make cats happy!
Inspiring cats' hunting instincts with bionic design
The new generation of cats' toys
A short press is all it takes to turn on or off the switch.
Press the switch for a long enough period of time, and the green light should come on, after 5 minutes, the ball will automatically shut down.
When the blue light being on for 3 seconds, the ball enters standby mode after five minutes, allowing it to be activated by touch.
Easy for cleanup
Low noise
Bring out your cat's natural hunting instinct
Rolling ball toys can be rolled past kittens to attract their attention and encourage them to pounce and chase.
Commonly Asked Inquiries
Is it dog proof, like can my dog break it easy?
Depending on your dog, for small dogs it shouldn't be problem but for a bit bigger ones it could happen that it breaks!
How big is the size, is it too big for a kitty?
The ball is like 2.5oz in weight,1.7inch in diameter, it is a perfect size as a cat toy.
Can the charger be plugged in to the wall instead of a computer?
Yes,use the wall plug that came with my phone and just switched the cords. I really like the fact that it does not run on batteries and merely needs to be plugged in.
Is the size easily getting lost under home furnitures?
It will go under the furniture but it will come out as long as it has full batteries, my cat loves it.
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What Our
Pet Parents To Say
This ball is really cool! keeps my kitty really entertained while I'm busy doing something important, USB charging, very convenient.
Customer Avatar
Kary Matthington
It's over! The ball has light, turns in 360 degrees, touching the ball moves alone, wheel alone, a very good toy for kittens, have alot of fun! Good to quality, comes with your USB charger very good product!Excellent price!
Customer Avatar
Maia kova
The cat at home likes it very much, hold it tightly.
Customer Avatar
Does not make noise, is given@place of operation@Atory, my cats are curiously inside@resume@s by this "thing" that moves.
Customer Avatar
Hello, everyone well redeived my package compliant description she walks very well but not too violent damage I thanks the seller and I you did soon
Customer Avatar
Very clever design with the way the thing spins in varying directions. Flashing lights. Fun thing to bring out at a party, for people who have never seen such a thing. Five stars- very worth the money.
Customer Avatar
Winston Adams
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