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momin™ 360° indoor monitoring camera
We need home security cameras for several reason
We need home security cameras for several
reasons. One is to deter any possible
burglars from entering your home in the first
place. Second reason is for us to be able to
make any necessary adjustments following a
break-in that might prevent similar occurrences
in the future. And thirdly, it can act as extra
proof of who, what, and how much was taken
in the case you need to file a claim with your
homeowners or renters insurance.
momin™takes all of these factors into
consideration when making their security
cameras and provides you with an advanced
surveillance system that's both affordable and
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Burglars break into Eltham house and ransack 10-years old's bedroom
A number of house in Greenwich have recently been targeted.
Leeanne Griffin took to Facebook yesterday to warn others after her house was broken into and her 10-year-old daughter's personal belongings were stolen.
The women, who lives with her family in Eltham, wrote:"When you ransack a 10 year old girl room-you know you truly are dealing with scum of the earth.
"They have taken her laptop,her birthday and Xmas money, her Alexa, her links holy communion bracelet."
The Met Police has given this advice:
A security camera helps to deter criminals.
always have a well-lit house so that intruders
can be seen. Make sure that there are no
sign of an alarm system being installed or any
other visible weakness. Always lock your
windows and doors. Install a door/window
alarm. Install burglar alarm with a good
quality sensor.

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